Booked! West Dunbartonshire Festival of Words 2014
12th May – 31st May 2014

West Dunbartonshire Libraries and Cultural Services

Terry Lanagan, Executive Director of Educational Services.

Welcome to our annual ‘Booked!’ festival which takes place in a year of major historical significance for Scotland. This year’s festival is trying to reflect the broader concerns of the country. We have two separate events about World War One and give different perspectives on this major conflict which profoundly affected almost every family in the land. Sir Hew Strachan will be focussing on the global impact of the war whilst Colin Campbell looks at the experiences of a specific Scottish battalion. The issues around the up-coming referendum will be showcased by the writers and singers who are touring Scotland as The Bus Party. They are engaging with local communities and encouraging them to think about the society that they want to live in after the Referendum. We are also delighted to welcome back the writer and broadcaster Alistair Moffat, who will be delivering this year’s Alastair Pearson Lecture.

It is a real privilege to have Bernard MacLaverty and James Oswald at Booked! for the first time. Andrew Greig makes a very welcome return visit. The Story of Gary McKinnon who faced possible extradition to the United States on alleged computer-crime charges captured the imagination of the nation. His extraordinary mother, Janis Sharp, will tell us how she managed to ensure that her her son retained his liberty in the face of overwhelming odds. We also have a wonderful event called Birds and People which celebrates the role birds have played in human culture through the centuries.

There are two events for children featuring the sensational Badger the Mystical Mutt and the hilarious Jonathan Meres. These are just some of the highlights of Booked! 2014. We believe that there should be an event to suit all tastes and hope you find the programme as exciting as we do. We are very grateful that through the ongoing financial support of Creative Scotland this free Festival of Words continues to flourish.

Terry Lanagan
Executive Director of Educational Services

Acknowledgement: The lion symbol of the Booked! Festival is the work of the renowned Scottish author and artist, Alasdair Gray. Our thanks to him.

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